Thrive After Redundancy

If you want to use redundancy as a catalyst for positive change this course can help.


This course is for you if your role is at risk of redundancy and you:

  • want to take the opportunity to make a positive career change
  • are not sure what your options are
  • want to discover your own purpose and values and use them to make a change in the way you work
  • lack self belief that you have the skills, knowledge and experience to move on with your career
  • have been thinking of starting a new career for a while but just haven’t made the move
  • want to know what you are in control of and how to use that knowledge to create work that will take you towards your dream lifestyle
  • are open to self-development and learning to help you create positive change for yourself

If you want to use redundancy as a catalyst for positive change this course can help.


This course doesn’t aim to provide any legal advice in relation to redundancy.

It does aim to help you develop a positive mindset to help you take your career forward and create positive change in your life.


What to expect from this course

The course will cover:

The redundancy process

  • A brief overview of the redundancy process so that you are prepared for what may happen (although the process will depend on your own circumstances and that of your employer)
  • Positive ways you may be able to respond to proposals made by your employer and which may result in roles becoming redundant
  • This section is intended to be a supportive guide but does not constitute legal advice

Coming to terms with your circumstances

  • Understanding your feelings during the redundancy process
  • What you can do when things feel out of control
  • How you can increase positivity

Looking after your mental wellbeing

  • Why looking after your mental wellbeing is vital
  • Being aware of the signs of poor mental health
  • What coping mechanisms you can use


  • Discovering your personal purpose and values
  • How to achieve your goals
  • Identifying what makes you employable

Career options

  • How to give yourself the best chance of securing a new role
  • What to think about if you are considering changing careers
  • Considerations for starting a new business venture

Why learn with me?


I have many years working with businesses, providing HR consultancy. I have helped them with all aspects of people management including redundancies.  I know the process inside out from an employer’s perspective and also from an employee’s perspective.

Many people feel like it’s the end of the world when they are faced with job loss.  It can be a very anxious time and feel very stressful.  I don’t think that can be under-estimated.

However, many people I’ve helped through redundancy have said, years later, that it was the best thing that could have happened to them.

Often they feel that if they hadn’t faced redundancy:

  • they would not have made any change
  • they wouldn’t have created so many learning opportunities for themselves
  • they wouldn’t have met as many new people
  • they wouldn’t have embarked on an exciting new chapter in their career
  • they wouldn’t have change their lifestyle

I’ve also been through redundancy myself.

I used the process to completely change my career. I’m so glad I made the change and I haven’t looked back.

In addition to being an expert in employment matters I also have the knowledge and experience to share with you techniques to:

  • help you through this difficult time
  • develop a positive mindset
  • take the next step in your career to create a positive change.

I ran my own employment agency successfully for three years. I have placed many employees in their dream jobs. Many of you won’t want to embark on a complete career change. You will want to secure a new job with a different business.  I have the information at my fingertips to help you secure the role that is right for you in an organisation that you really want to work for.

Do you want to thrive after redundancy?


This course is an investment in you. Your future self will thank you for starting your journey of self-discovery

The techniques you will become aware of on this course will not only help you through redundancy but they can help you with every aspect of your life. You just need to be open to learning about them and willing to apply them.

If you have read this far you are probably eager to know the cost.

The investment in yourself includes your time, a willingness to set yourself a challenge and the course fee of £250.

I’ve priced this course at £250 because it is not just an online course. It isn’t something to just listen to and forget about. It is a guided learning experience with exercises for you to complete that will help you to discover what you really want from your career and your lifestyle. You will receive:

  • a one-to one 30-minute inspiration call with me
  • invitation to group Zoom meet ups so that I can answer any questions and provide more support
  • access to the learning modules giving you lots of ideas for how to move your career forwards
  • information to help you recognise where your strengths are and how you can use the knowledge, skills and experience you already have to create the life you want
  • templates you can use to help you discover your purpose, values and goals
  • access to my Facebook group where I will be giving even more hints and tips
  • lifetime access to the course
  • future updates to the course

Do you want to make an investment in your future?

Because I will be investing a lot of my own time into helping you, numbers will be limited. Registration will be closed once I have the maximum number of delegates.

You too can thrive after redundancy

Invest in yourself. Your future self will thank you for starting your journey of self-discovery.

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